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Vayu is a musical exploration of sound and consciousness. With soaring melodies amid symphonic soundscapes, Vayu exposes luminous worlds of sound. From pure thematic New Age harmonies to lush driving Electronica dissonances, Vayu creates a magnetism of heart and mind that conveys an ecstatic sense of unity.


Oceans Of Light, Vayu's debut album is an ode to the sea. Beginning with spacious aquatic melodies and playfully grand themes, the album guides listeners to the solace of deep ocean More... soundscapes. In quiet reflective listening, Oceans Of Light is an initiation into the wonder and majesty of the ocean world. "Through meditation and deep reflection, we can see that the ocean holds designs of divinity and consciousness. The ocean has unique patterns of vibrant energy that appear in prominent sequences of brilliant light. In its deepest dimension, the ocean is a luminous spirit of giving. Diving, sailing, and swimming are ways of embracing the ocean and coming into union with her spirit.

"The ocean is the womb of life. It embraces us with unconditional love. It is the element of intuition, a connection to innate wisdom. The ocean is the element of self-discovery. It is the element of the dreamer. It washes away our past, heals our wounds, and awakens us to our spirit. In the ocean's depths reside healing counsel and emotional release. The ocean is the vessel that carries us to the mystical shores of the unseen-world. It is the path that guides us through the waves and white waters of the transient surface of life to the clear depths of our eternal shining nature.

"When anxious, uneasy and bad thoughts come, I go to the sea, and the sea drowns them out with its great wide sounds, cleanses me with its noise and imposes a rhythm upon everything in me." Rainer Rilke
The Big Island of Hawaii is a miraculous place of inspiration and renewal. In this, Vayu's second album, the lush symphonic sounds lead the listener on a journey of discovery More... through the beaches, off shore reefs, rainforests, and volcanic peaks of the largest island in the most remote archipelago in the world. Born in a fiery clash of molten lava and surging ocean, the Big Island possesses an indelible natural beauty and energy. During pilgrimages of meditation in Hawaii, Vayu has reflected deeply on the great power and purity inherent in the island. From these contemplations, these inspired songs that reflect pure Hawaiian visions were formed. Less
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Padma Sambhava Babaji Ramakrishna
Great Teachers of Enlightenment
Inspired by the profound teachers of the great traditions of enlightenment, Vayu expresses a masterwork of rich evocative harmonies and pulsing percussive patterns conducive to meditative More... reflection on the illuminated lives and essential teachings of these spiritual masters. Beginning with Padma Sambhava, the enigmatic founder of Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism, unfurling harmonic patterns saunter into bright digital curtains of sound and thundering rhythmic gusts.

The album progresses through the solemn dissonance of deep chimes and grandiose sonic architectures portraying Shankara, the introspective ninth century Indian saint and founder of non-dualistic Vedanta. The Christ reflection paints a rich devotional atmosphere hymned with a melodious stillness that inspires sacred solemnity. The ode to Yeshe Tsogyal, the great enlightened woman of Tibet, rides driving percussion patterns into a dense melodic atmospheres of stirring musical power. Rama, the finale, blasts smooth electronica synths over clean rhythmic textures creating an anthem of heroic themes and coalescing in a brilliant flash of sonic luminosity.
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Caldera Dolphin Dive Spelunker
Mystic Scuba
On this album Vayu breezes lyrical melodious instrumentals over the sun-swept Waikoloa lava rock deserts and the rain-drenched Kona calderas. Rich synthesized arrangements build to More... portray majestic snow covered volcanic peaks and picturesque picturesque white sand beaches with crashing turquoise waves. Elevated rhythms of the high volcanic passes contrast vividly with the dramatic soundscapes of the lava tube caves. The gliding song of tropical bird calls spring into harmonious concert amid the backdrop of Ohia trees and voluminous waterfalls.

Those seeking Enlightenment have long utilized places of power such as the Southwest of the United States, the Himalayan peaks, the Nile, the Ganges, and the Hawaiian Islands. The energies of these places are extremely helpful in aiding realization. Awareness, transformation, and enlightenment can be gained rapidly by meditating in places of power.

Many sites in Hawaii have very good energies that are congruent with peace, calm, clarity, and relaxation. These sites have natural beauty and accessibility in pristine locations. The thriving life and natural beauty at these stunning sites are the physical manifestations of the energy of the locations. Practicing meditation at places of power like some of the Caribbean walls, Hawaiian craters, Thai seamounts, or the Great Barrier Reef affords you tremendously enlightening experiences.